Welcome to a new kind of mobile games studio.

Welcome to a new kind of mobile games studio.


We are Tripledot Studios. A new independent mobile games studio, founded by a team of veterans from some of the biggest names in mobile games such as King, Peak Games, Facebook and Product Madness. Our mission is to bring the knowledge and experience of a chart-topping mobile games company into a close-knit, collaborative environment. We are building a new kind of studio.

Our team drives projects together from conception to launch in an indie-style process combining creativity and data to make games that can be enjoyed by everyone. We are guided by the belief that when we love what we do, what we do will be loved by others.

Together, we are creating a strong portfolio of games we think our players will enjoy, ranging from core casual games anyone can pick up and play to innovative new products.


Tripledot was created in 2017 when three friends decided to join forces to create a new kind of games studio. Bringing together our collective experience in company-building and game creation, our goal was to bring together a team to create fun, successful games for everyday gamers.

In order to execute on our vision of what Tripledot should be, we raised a sizeable seed round led by investors specialising in the games industry. This allowed us to bring together the core team of the best and brightest who share our passion.

The Team...

The Tripledot team is made up of incredible people with experience at some of the biggest companies in gaming. We are serial creators, always working on one pet project or another, and collaborate closely to bring those projects to life.

We like to say that we’re building the Apollo program of games by finding the best of the best and empowering them to do what they do best. That’s the only way you reach the stars.

Akin, Eyal & Lior

Akin, Eyal & Lior

Akin Babayigit
Chief Operating Officer

Before Tripledot, Akin was head of business operations & special projects at King Digital Entertainment. Prior to King, he spent nearly 5 years at Facebook, where he was the head of the games partnerships efforts in Europe, and was one of the people who launched the Facebook Audience Network. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MSc from Yale University, and a BS and MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Eyal Chameides
Chief Games Officer

Eyal is an accomplished game designer, producer and creative leader. With dozens of titles under his belt and years of experience managing studio operations. Prior to Tripledot Eyal was part of the founding team and the Creative Director of Product Madness as well as the founder of GameChanger NGO. He has a background in fine-arts and computers and holds a BA in Game Design from RMIT.

Lior Shiff
Chief Executive Officer

Lior is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur and investor. Prior to Tripledot, he co-founded and ran Product Madness, which was sold to Aristocrat Leisure and is one of the largest social gaming companies in the world. He holds an MBA from Stanford University as well as a BA in Computer Science, Accounting and an additional BA in Psychology.


Solitaire Classic

A timeless classic with a modern twist for new platforms. Our vision was to create the best-in-class Solitaire game in the market; fast, smooth and beautifully designed. Solitaire is currently available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Instant Games.

Solitaire Classic

A timeless classic with a modern twist for new platforms. Our vision was to create the best-in-class Solitaire game in the market; fast, smooth and beautifully designed. Solitaire is currently available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Instant Games.


BLOCKS! as a fun, fresh and exciting take on one of the most recognisable game mechanics ever made. The game is deceptively simple and very soon you will find yourself in a zen-like trance clearing blocks and trying to think 3 moves ahead. The nature of the mechanic allows for crazy combos and the addition of power blocks can turn an impending defeat into a spectacular move that clears the whole screen. Available on iOS and coming soon to Android.


Twisted is a narrative based app where the users are thrown in the midst of exciting and chilling text based stories. You can get Twisted on iOS… if you dare.


The classic number puzzle game designed from the ground up for all devices. With thousands of hand-crafted puzzles at several difficulty levels as well as daily challenges, hints and more. Enjoy this timeless classic on iOS and Android.

Word Hop

Challenge your vocabulary with this beautifully crafted word puzzle game. Hop across the globe finding the hidden words in each location. Compete against friends and countries. Available on iOS and coming soon to Android.

More games coming soon

We have been very busy working on a few more projects that we are extremely excited about. Stay tuned…


Tripledot Studios is building the Apollo Program of Gaming. We are a young, dynamic company, bringing the talent and experience of a chart-topping studio to an agile team that is ready to shoot for the moon.

If you’re interested in being part of the team, take a look at our available positions, or get in touch with us at jobs@tripledotstudios.com


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